Dirty Girl Gaiters (Initial impressions)

All quotes are from https://dirtygirlgaiters.com/

I finally gave in to peer pressure and purchased a pair of Dirty Girl Gaiters to wear when I’m hiking. For the unknowing, Dirty Girl Gaiters are lightweight gaiters that fit from just above your ankle and cover the opening on your shoes to prevent rocks, dirt, and other objects from entering. They give every disclaimer possible on the website, but just understand these are lightweight “four-way stretch spandex fabric similar to the fabrics used in bathing suits and lightweight running tights.” These are for maintained trails only! They are not meant to be worn if you expect to be “trekking through overgrown vegetation, bushwacking, or coming into contact with sharp objects.”

With the disclaimers out of the way, I decided to get a pair for three reasons… 1) I will be doing lots of hiking in the next few months. 2) My new trail shoes (Altra Lone Peaks 3.5) come with hook and loop tab allowing for strapless gaiter attachment without any modifications. 3) I HATE having to stop and get objects that have gotten in my shoes.

Here’s just a few notes about the product I found interesting. They are made in Green Valley, Arizona and have a pattern or theme for just about everyone and everything! If you are looking for mundane and boring hiking gaiters, you will probably have sensory overload on their website. I had a difficult time finding one I would wear without going plain solid which is too boring. I selected an American Flag theme. They are VERY affordable at $20 to $24 a pair and shipped the same day as I purchased them. Make sure you read the sizing information before ordering.

Here’s what comes in the package:

The contents of the Ziploc bag: Two gaiters, Velcro, and instructions.

Slip on your sock, the gaiter, then your shoe. The hook fits nicely of the front attachment point (or your bottom lace).

My shoes have a Velcro Tab built in the back. If your shoe does not come with this, they send a strip of Velcro and instructions with the gaiters.

Gaiters on my shoes:

I’m looking forward to trying these out on the trail in the next week or two!

Do you have a set of Dirty Girls?

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