I bought new shoes….

Since my very first hike I have worn Merrill Moab Ventilators.  They are great shoes – easy to find, affordable, comfortable, and have served me well for many trips.  I typically buy a new pair every year because water crossings and being off trail are tough on shoes. Initially I wore the ankle high waterproof version. Then I progressed to the same style in a non waterproof version to a the lower cut non-waterproof shoe.  I have enjoyed them and put many, many miles on them.

Yesterday I bought a different brand hiking shoe for the first time in about 8 years.  I debated in the past about changing, as the Merrill’s have never treated me wrong.  Recently on a 15 mile day hike (yeah, you read that right and I have a blog entry about it here: https://wordpress.com/post/jnunniv.blog/1278) I found that afterwards my feet were a little more sore than usual.  That’s usually the sign for a new pair of shoes…

So yesterday I went to Fleet Feet in Huntsville, Alabama.  They have this cool little scanner that measures your feet and measures all sorts of dimensions.  Maria was the nicest, kindest, most patient person ever as I must have tried on every style of trail shoe in the store.

I settled on the Altra Lone Peak 3.5.  They are SO comfortable and almost a pound lighter per pair than my Merrill Moab Ventilator shoes.  I added a pair of lock laces because I HATE my shoes coming untied while I’m hiking. I’ll be wearing them this week in preparation for a 20ish mile training hike this weekend.  I’ll post a trip report and review when I finish.





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I like outdoor activities including hiking, camping, and scuba diving.
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