Distances between points in the Sipsey Wilderness

One of the frustrating things about planning hikes in the Sipsey Wilderness is finding the distances between trail intersections or from one intersection to the trailhead.  All that is officially listed are the lengths of the individual trails.

Well, I am here to help.  I compiled the following information from various hikes and tracks from my GPS.  While they may not be 100% accurate today (in part because the trail changes) they should be within 0.1 miles of actual distance.

It’s a spreadsheet and the easiest way to use it is applying filters on the “to” or “from” columns.  If you see anything I missed or an obvious mistake, let me know and I’ll check (or recheck) my data.

Updated Sipsey distances 01072018

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I like outdoor activities including hiking, camping, and scuba diving.
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2 Responses to Distances between points in the Sipsey Wilderness

  1. Chet Wright says:

    Thanks! This is super helpful. It always seems like whatever hike we take in the Sipsey, it always ends up being 10 miles, whether we planned for 5 miles or 9 miles.

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