Trailblaze Challenge 2017

If you follow this blog or have read nearly any of it, you know one of my passions is hiking.  I like the physical and mental challenge of hiking.  I love the sights and sounds of being in the woods.   My longest trip to date is 22.5 miles (over three different days) which I have covered in a previous blog post.

I also know life isn’t about me, but helping others.  Did I mention that I like a challenge?  For these reasons, I have committed to participating in the Trailblaze Challenge for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  I have committed to raising a certain amount of money for them while challenging myself with my toughest hike to date: 26.3 miles on the Pinhoti Trail IN ONE DAY.

Please click on the link below to find out more or to support me in my endeavor.

Click here!

I will be covering my training hikes as well as my personal challenges as I strive to complete this.

Thanks for reading and following!


About jnunniv

I like outdoor activities including hiking, camping, and scuba diving.
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1 Response to Trailblaze Challenge 2017

  1. Charlotte Bloom says:

    My little sister just signed up to do this, too. Looks like Gretchen and I will be there to cheer you both on!! It’s a great cause and a tough physical challenge. I’m positive y’all will both succeed beyond expectations!

    Charlotte (xMagnolia)

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