I survived the cold! Testing gear in the back yard.

I survived the night!   The weather on the phone said 7 degrees,  my Accurate on the ridgeline had a low of 12 with wind gust up to 30 mph. It’s my personal best either way.

I used my Superfly, 20 degree HG TQ and UQ. I had my UPQ underneath and slept in merino tops,  bottoms,  and socks.   I had a fleece toboggan under my black rock hat.  About 4 am I got a bit chilly so I covered my TQ with a poncho liner,  tucking it in underneath me.   I also put a reflector pad in the footbox. I was warm,  but not toasty since I was pushing (exceeded) the limits of my gear.

For the gear I presently own,  I don’t have the desire to try and go lower, but I know how low I can go.

About jnunniv

I like outdoor activities including hiking, camping, and scuba diving.
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