Quick M/V Spree Dive Trip Summary

I am not quite home, where I will be able to provide a proper trip report including pictures and summaries. I traveled with the M/V Spree out of Key West on a Wreck Tech trip. There were many technical divers doing decompression diving, but these wrecks are also in the recreational range. Here is a quick summary of the trip (we were diving HP 95 steel tanks containing 32% Nitrox):

Friday August 01, 2014
Spiegal Grove – 39 minute dive, 105 ft max depth
Spiegal Grove – 42 minute dive, 104 ft max depth
Spiegal Grove – 44 minute dive, 95 ft max depth
Spiegal Grove – 33 minute dive, 110 ft max depth

Saturday, August 02, 2014
USGS Duane – 36 minute dive, 100 ft max depth
USGS Duane – 33 minute dive, 105 ft max depth
Eagle – 38 minute dive, 107 ft max depth
Eagle – 41 minute dive, 113 ft max depth

Sunday, August 03, 2014
Thunderbolt – 38 minute dive, 106 ft max depth
Thunderbolt – 37 minute dive, 106 ft max depth
Adolphus Bush – 44 minute dive, 97 ft max depth

Monday, August 04, 2014
Vandenberg – 42 minute dive, 96 ft max depth
Vandenberg – 42 minute dive, 94 ft max depth
Vandenberg – 41 minute dive, 101 ft max depth

As you can see, it was a busy couple of days. I did 14 dives in four days with a total time underwater of 550 minutes (that’s over NINE HOURS) and an average max depth of 102 ft.

I have lots of pictures and video and will complete a proper trip report when I have time to process everything.

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