Making a list, and checking it twice!

One of the things I have learned in my few years of hiking and backpacking is the importance of a packing list. By making a good list, one can ensure the needed items are taken, unnecessary items are left at home, and (if the list is really good) have an idea of the weight of your pack before you even actually weigh it. There have been trips where I have forgotten something or something did not work just right. That is part of the adventure in backpacking.

I am making a “new” list, though. I am just 9 more days away from departing to my first liveaboard SCUBA Trip. The importance of such a list is very prevalent as one considers the consequences of forgetting something…. In backpacking, forgetting something may make me slightly cold, hungry, wet, or otherwise uncomfortable until the weekend is over and I return home. On this liveaboard, we will be miles from shore and not return to the dock once we leave unless there is a medical emergency. Forgetting something can mean the difference between having the trip of a lifetime and watching others having the fun. If I forget something or if an item quits performing properly the consequences may be I become be a spectator instead of a participant. IF the item is relatively unimportant, I may be able to repair or borrow the item from someone.

So, making a list, checking it twice, and seeing what backup items are needed or required. For readers that have traveled on the M/V Spree or other liveaboard SCUBA trips, are there any suggestions or commonly forgotten items?


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I like outdoor activities including hiking, camping, and scuba diving.
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