Back to work and it’s odd…

After living abroad for over a year (work related and it wasn’t exactly a tropical paradise), I’ve been back to my “normal” job for about six months. It seems like I have finally readjusted according to my superiors.

On Friday June 25th I was informed I would be traveling to Ogden, UT on Monday June 28th to lead training during a four day period. Toward the end of last week, I was informed I would be leaving for Ft. Bragg, NC on Sunday, July 6th for another 4 day training session. There’s also a two week trip to Germany scheduled for September. I also have a much anticipated SCUBA trip planned at the beginning of August or I would be taking a work trip to Hawaii! So at least I don’t have to always sit in the office – which is a good thing. I also get to see parts of the US (and world) that I have not yet traveled.

But there is this odd feeling I have been experiencing for the past few days. Returning to Ft. Bragg will be a walk down memory lane, and not necessarily a good one. I was stationed there in the early 90’s and haven’t returned. I know it has changed, but many things will be the same. The reason it will be odd is that I was a different person then. I was young, in the military, and I’ll just say the life I was living wasn’t “ideal.” I am somewhat ashamed of my life during that point. In fact, other than my two children being born at Ft. Bragg, there wasn’t much positive in my life during that time.

I don’t know if I want to drive by my old housing, barracks, or other places I visited while I was stationed there. It will be bittersweet to say the least. We are training literally blocks away and there is a good chance we will pass by even if I don’t plan it. Emotionally it will be trying as that is a part of my life I try to put behind me, only to have it force its way to the surface in the most unlikely set of circumstances.

So wish me luck and I’ll see you in the future between the trees or under the surface!


About jnunniv

I like outdoor activities including hiking, camping, and scuba diving.
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