Thankful for listening to someone else

I’m a “glass-half-full” kind of guy – especially when it comes time to spending time outdoors. For example, if there’s a 40% chance it WON’T rain (instead of a 60% chance it will rain) I’m all for still going on the adventure. I refuse to be a “fair weather camper” and give those that are some friendly banter. That is one also of the benefits of having quality gear that has been tested as I know I will be protected in less than ideal conditions.

A prime example of my “glass-half-full”/stupidity is this past weekend. The men from my Sunday School Class had an overnight canoe trip planned on the Buffalo River in Tennessee. Although thunderstorms and rain were in the forecast, I was still “all in” on going through with the trip. One by one, less couragous (my opinion) men were backing out and I actually sent an email stating that “I wasn’t afraid of a little water.” To semi save the weekend, we agreed to meet for breakfast. I packed my gear in the car just in case someone wanted to follow through with the plans at the last minute.

At breakfast, we agreed that we could reschedule for a couple of weekends away. I was slightly bummed because I love the adventure regardless of the weather conditions. We did agree to go on a short day hike to at least spend SOME time outdoors. Of course, it was sunny and we remarked several times that it was perfect weather for being on the water. A great time was had by all.

Then Saturday night arrived as well as the “slight chance of some rain.” As I watched the weather on TV from the comfort of my home as thunder shook the house, I was REALLY thankful I listened to someone else. If it was up to me, I would have been out in the weather hanging between two trees on the riverbank. I am confident that my gear would have protected me from the rain, but I doubt I would have slept very well with the storm raging overhead. My gear would not have protected me if the trees were uprooted by the strong winds or debris flying through the air, though…. Maybe there would have been a great story from the trip, but I was just as happy to be inside.

I am blessed, alive, and the the adventure will continue another day. After all, the woods and river aren’t going anywhere!

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I like outdoor activities including hiking, camping, and scuba diving.
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1 Response to Thankful for listening to someone else

  1. mrbream says:

    We gambled and ended up bailing. Same storm found us in west central GA. Turned out we actually rode out the worst of it and bailed just before conditions got better. Oh well, we were safe and it made for a good story.

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