Last camping trip until Fall a.k.a. I’m a wimp: Eagle Creek in the Sipsey Wilderness

I’ll admit it – I’m a wimp when it comes to camping in hot weather. I prefer to be out when the weather is cool or what some people would consider cold now that I have the gear for those conditions. Since temperature is a relative scale depending on the individual, I consider cold the low twenties if it will be above freezing the next day. This is important as 20 degrees is the lower limit of my gear but hiking is still comfortable when it’s above freezing. On the other end, about this time of year I’m reaching the upper limits of my comfort zone when the lows at night are in the 60s but during the day it reaches the 80’s or higher. I haved lived in Alabama the majority of my life and the humidity is the real issue, not the heat. I can drink water and keep going for a long time, but being “sticky” for days is just not fun. Plus the ticks, mosquitoes, snakes, and other assorted wildlife are more active once it gets warm and I’d rather not have to deal with them.

With all of that being said, I took the opportunity this past Friday to take a quick overnight trip for the last trip until the Fall when the temps drop again since I’m a wimp. This past weekend was the last opening or opportunity as I already have plans over the next few weeks – then it will be June and then it is too hot. It was also the first “in the woods” hang for some new gear and I was excited to give it a real test. I recently traded out my Warbonnet Mamajamba Tarp with the optional doors for a Warbonnet Superfly as well as a Warbonnet 1.1 Double Layer Blackbird hammock for a 1.1 Single Layer Blackbird. Some storms/heavy rain was in the forecast and I enjoy testing my gear for REAL conditions, so I was looking forward to the rain and wind. I met my hiking/camping buddy at Wolfpen Hunters Camp in Bankhead Forest after work and we took the quick 20 minute hike down to the campsite above Eagle Creek Falls that is pretty protected on all sides by ridgelines.

We got to camp and I quickly set up my gear with the tarp in Porch Mode so I could sit under until I had to tighten down when the rain arrived. At this point I haven’t made any adjustments so the head end is a lot higher than the foot end. I also experimented with just using a poncho liner for cover since the low was in the 60s. It wasn’t set up perfectly and more testing is needed to see if this will work for warm weather hanging as I was a bit cool just before sunrise. Here is a picture of the tarp and hammock.


Sadly, it didn’t even rain but I had a great view from the hammock the next morning.


The weekend before I took a walk down to Turkey Foot Creek Falls and arrived just as the sun was setting and captured this picture.


We had a great night in the woods and we packed up Saturday morning, hiked out, and returned home. I cleaned all of my gear and stowed it away neatly in my gear locker. I look at my gear locker when I’m in the garage already wishing for cooler weather….

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I like outdoor activities including hiking, camping, and scuba diving.
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