Testing New Material for UnderQuilt Protector

One of the Internet forums I visit on a regular basis relates to all kind of hammock camping questions.  If you are considering trying out or purchasing a hammock, I highly suggest you visit www.hammockforums.net  as soon as possible.  Also, if you donate $10 a year you will have access to many more topics.  Trust me; it is well worth the money.

 One day as I was cruising hammockforums and I saw a post asking for volunteer testers for an UQP (UnderQuilt Protector) in a new fabric by 2QZQ (http://www.2qzqhammockhanger.com/).  The underquilt testers would purchase, at cost, an UQP made from Mulitcam Epsilon. This fabric is breathable, but less breathable than the fabric they usually use.  I quickly signed up as this was an item I wanted to purchase in the future and I was selected.  YIPEE!!!!

Are you lost or confused?  Let me help you out with some terms.  The underquilt hangs snugly beneath your hammock keeping you warm from the bottom.  (A hammock is much like a bridge during the winter – the air beneath will cause you to freeze – literally).  My underquilt is filled with down and rated to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.  It’s a great item – as long as it stays dry as damp/wet down is useless as insulation.  An UQP hangs beneath your underquilt and protects it from rain splashes, mist, and also helps block the wind thus keeping you warmer.  The desired fabric should “breathe” allowing moisture out, but also block the wind and moisture from coming in – keeping your down dry and you warm.

After a few delays caused by the fabric not being mailed in time to 2QZQ, I finally received the item and was eager to properly test it.  This called for a trip in the woods!  I went on a two day, 17 mile hike on the South Cheaha Wilderness Loop (I will post about this trip soon).  I also stayed an additional night to test this item and the rest of my equipment in heavier rain.

Here’s my review of the new 2QZQ Camo Epsilon UQP:

As this was my very first UQP, I did not have anything to compare this to – so here’s my initial reaction: It was very well made and large enough to easily cover my WBBB (Warbonnet Black Bird Hammock) end to end. The quality was perfect and I loved the pattern of the material. Although I set it up in the back yard to ensure it was adjusted correctly, I was finally able to test it “in the field” this past weekend.

I took it on a two night loop and used it both nights. It was used on my WBBB with a 20 degree UQ hung loosely. The first night the low was 41, with a small amount of early morning drizzle, and light wind. The second night had a low of 42, heavy rain and lots of wind (10 mph gust). Although I had my tarp set approx 4” off the ground – with the wind and rain, I had lots of rain splatter on everything except my now protected UQ. I was VERY thankful for the UQP this night to keep my UQ clean and dry! When the wind would blow especially hard, I could feel the heat loss from the top quit, but nothing from the under quilt. I was warm and had a dry UQ without any condensation issues at all.

I really like this item and it will go on all trips with me where it could be beneficial. Yes, it weighs about 9 oz, but it’s worth it to be warm and dry. A huge “Thank You” goes out to 2QZQ for allowing me to test this item. If you are undecided about this item – just buy it – you won’t regret it. I see this being a very popular item.

If you are interested, visit http://www.2qzqhammockhanger.com/ and check any of the colors for a breathable UQP and then write camo in the comments box. They will be available in both Gathered end style @ $65.00, and Bridge style @ $68.00. The Bridge style can be used on both gathered end and bridge hammocks. The weights…gathered end is 8.8 ounces, and the bridge is 9 ounces.

Here is a picture of the UQP spread out on the floor:


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